Research & CV

You can find my complete CV here.

My research emphasizes practical applications of social psychological theory to understand educational and broader inequities. I am particularly interested in investigating the psychological and behavioral processes that undergird inequity, as well as how key social forces (e.g., schools, workplaces) can target these processes to better support people from marginalized backgrounds. All of my work is grounded in critical perspectives on the diverse experiences of people from communities that have been marginalized by systemic inequities (e.g., Tara Yosso’s community cultural wealth framework).

I recognize the incredible complexity of studying inequity given its deep roots across all layers of our societies, histories, and sociopolitical realities. To best understand this complexity, I strive to incorporate a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods into my work—including structural equation modeling, semi-structured interviews, and person-centered analyses.

I am deeply grateful to pursue this work along with many wonderful people, including Dr. Mesmin Destin, and two of my close colleagues: Dr. Ivan A. Hernandez and R. Josiah Rosario.

I am also grateful for the generous support that I receive for my research, including through my National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.